What Makes Us Different?

We use music as a vehicle to help our students achieve personal and academic success. In addition to our talented team of accomplished music instructors and effective programs, we differentiate ourselves from other music schools by providing:

  • World Class Musician Participation
    • The MusicianShip has the support of several internationally known artists and musicians. Many industry icons, such as David Grissom, Earth, Wind and Fire, Dennis Chambers and Paul Reed Smith are supportive of The MusicianShip. These artists are passionate about our cause, have agreed to do clinics and are committed to helping us make a difference.
  • Marching Band Ensembles
    • Most parents want their children off the street. We get our students on the street, doing something good for themselves and the community. Our marching band offers unique experiences and opportunities, developing discipline, accountability, self-esteem and accomplishment.
  • Music Scholarship Preparation
    • Through our existing and expanding relationships with universities throughout the country, we are better positioned to know what colleges are looking for. Every year thousands of students are awarded music scholarships. However, only those that reach a certain level of musical aptitude are considered. We are committed to helping our students achieve this goal. Being awarded a scholarship lessens the financial burden and strengthens students’ resumes and graduate school applications.
  • Business Mentoring Programs
    • We provide our students with an entrepreneurial understanding of music. Industry successful musicians and entrepreneurs mentor our students in areas such as marketing, promotion and money management.
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentoring
    • Engrained in The MusicianShip programs is the requirement for students to engage, give back to the community and mentor their peers. Our marching band provides a collaborative atmosphere, and is one avenue where students build leadership skills from helping each other. We recognize that you have many options in choosing music schools and The MusicianShip thanks you for considering us!